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Cab configuration may be changed or customized to meet customer's architectural/design requirements.


 Steel or fire rated wood core construction
 Raised panel type, architectural wire mesh with stainless steel #4 perimeter binders
 Raised panel type, high-impact laminate with stainless steel #4
 perimeter binders
 Strike, transom, and returns are stainless steel #4 finish
 Steel or wood construction, with sealed exterior
 Stainless steel #4 finish
 Hollow metal suitably reinforced with stainless steel #4 finish
 Stainless steel #4 finish
 Four sided light cove, steel construction with baked enamel
 finish - upper ceiling, white laminate finish
 Indirect perimeter lighting- fluorescent fixtures (alternate options available)
 1 1/4” diameter stainless steel bar
 Two speed fan
 Extruded aluminum

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