Q. What types of elevator entrances does EDI-ECI make?

We manufacture three distinct lines of entrances, each of which can be provided in a wide range of finishes: Standard (with conventional sill support), Fast-Track (groutless type), and zero-clearance (with integral privacy swing door).

Q. Where are EDI-ECI products sold?

We have shipped cabs and entrances throughout the USA, as well as to Canada, the Caribbean, and Asia.

Q. Is EDI-ECI experienced in government and/or public work?

Absolutely. We have an excellent track record building cabs and entrances for Authorities of all types – from local municipalities through federal projects. In fact, we are a certified SBE (Small Business Enterprise) operating in a qualified HubZone area.

Q. Can you make swing entrances as well as slide type?

Yes. EDI-ECI fabricates complete swing entrances using overhead checks, or top & bottom pivots.

Q. Tell us about your door construction.

Elevator doors manufactured by EDI-ECI are fully insulated, internally reinforced, backed and UL-labeled.

Q. Where does EDI-ECI do installation of cabs and entrances?

We employ several highly skilled teams that can remove, install, and mason entrances as well as upgrade cab interiors in the Tri-State NY-Metropolitan and Washington DC areas. Engaging us to do your installation means you have a one-stop shop for services.

Q. What are your typical lead-times for delivery?

Lead-times will vary depending on complexity of scope; as an area of particular focus, we make a conscious effort to help you approve the project so we can meet your deadlines.

Q. Do you have any delivery limitations?

Within a 500-mile radius of EDI-ECI’s facility in New Jersey, we utilize our own fleet of trucks with Union drivers. Longer distances are handled by various methods, dependent on the project-specific needs.

Q. What about Green products?

EDI-ECI has knowledgeable LEED-AP personnel on staff, and experience fabricating elevator cabs that meet USGBC criteria. We can help you achieve your goals!

Q. Is there a cost for design consultation?

We offer such services to the client with no strings attached, including expert top quality rendering capabilities. Tap into our knowledge base, and we’re confident you’ll be pleased with the results.

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FOR NEARLY 70 YEARS, Elevator Doors Inc., Elevator Cabs Inc., (EDI/ECI) has produced custom elevator cabs and entrances for the Elevator, Construction and Real Estate markets. EDI/ECI, headquartered in Paterson, New Jersey, occupies over 60,000 sq. feet of state of the art manufacturing space and employs over 110 staff members on average.

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