Whether it is new construction or modernization, EDI/ECI is one of America’s largest and most respected manufacturers of elevator cabs. Our customers are demanding and expect the highest quality from our cabs. We understand this and focus on exceeding expectations.

Our experience runs from basic to very high-end cabs with complicated customized details. The same level of focus and quality goes into each cab we produce.

Some of the end uses for the cabs we produce are: hospitals, libraries, transit centers – including subway and railway stations, high-rise residential buildings, commercial buildings, universities, research centers, corporate headquarters, municipal housing, high-end retail boutiques, supermarkets, sports stadiums, airports, and parking garages.

We specialize in workmanship and attention to detail that brings the architects vision for the entire building into the elevator cabs.

For cab modernization work, EDI/ECI can change the aesthetic appearance of an existing cab, at a fraction of the cost of complete replacement. Our experienced field installers are expertly trained, and will transform your elevator cab with minimum interruption of elevator service. Working with a designer, architect, or owner, EDI/ECI can help create the perfect design while maintaining the project’s allowable budget.

Not every client is trying to achieve a new look. EDI/ECI has a successful track record of replicating cabs to match existing conditions. From custom wood moldings to metal castings and etchings, EDI/ECI can reproduce details that maintain the original aesthetics, while bringing the project up to date for code and safety purposes.